Ahoy, this is my self-hosted landing page. It costs nothing to host your own website as long as you have a home internet connection and a computer. If you'd like to try out, here are some instructions: how to host your own website.

Feel welcome to poke around but if your just lookging for something to fiddle with here are a few mobile friendly games: Classic Memory, Hexahedral, SkiFree and a semi-addictive desktop (non-mobile) Racing Game,

Below is a list of domains I currently own, most point here some other places. site index available here.

Adrian.Systems AdrianCampbell.net
AdrianGyllingCampbell.com CrystalJohnny.com
TheGutterandtheGold.com SlowMotionRiot.com
TankGirl.org StevensPassion.com
StevensPass.org FaceZook.com
TheMidnightRainbow.com GabeCampbell.com