Site Index

Expand: - The mass of services I host and use.

Arcade GamesWeb based emulators and games. NES GameBoy SNES SEGA GameBoyAdvanced Atari 2600 Web and Mobile consoles to choose from.
Cloud StorageOwnCloud server running on Linux includes a calendar bookmark music player contact list image gallery and file storage.
Comic BooksComic book and Ebook archive and online reader.
MessengerSecure on the fly chat and messenger with private chat and fileshare features.
Media ServerWeb link to my Plex media server.
Music ServerMusic archive and player with full media share video archive and player.
Photo GalleryImage gallery with self populating thumbs and database.
Store FrontMy Etsy shop.
Tech BlogWhere I post helpful reminders about tech related topics.

Apps: Web applications for some basic tasks.

CalculatorJavascript Calculator
FTP ClientBrowser based FTP Connection
Image EditorImage Editing Appliaction
Image MapperUsed for coding projects
Fractal GeneratorFun fractal generator to mess around with.
N AdminAdmin login page for Notions blog
NotionsGenerally where I babble about nonsensical or incomplete thoughts.
Web ProxyHelps bypass blocked websites on some configurations.

Hosted: Other pages I self host.

EntranceI use this to jump to pages that arent included in this site index.
Family MusicAudio recordings on my late brother and dad playing.
MemorialMemorial page for my brother Gabe.
Music VideosMy own version of MTV
2600 NodCanvas of a 2600 - nod to

Depreciated: Things I no longer have time to maintain but were fun projects while they lasted.

DesktopA web based desktop complete with office apps user accounts and save state idle sign-in.
IRC Chat ClientKiwi IRC client - may or ma ynot be running at any given time.
Original MessengerPrivate messenger on old clunky server.
Original ServerOriginal old clunky but deep server.
The RainbowGuest login with restricted access to original server.

Commute: All related to my daily commute to work.

Hwy 2 ClosuresYes the roads are closed enough to have to check.
NOAA ForecastHelps to prepare for the next day the day before.
Resort CamsSomething to check ever morning.
WSDOT ForecastDont always trust NOAA they get it wrong too.
WSDOT Pass CamsRoad conditions in various locations.
WSDOT Skykomish CamRoad conditions down the hill.

Off Domain:

GmailThe email I use.
MessengerI don't have Facebook but i'm still on messenger usrsaxe2600
MS OfficeThe easiest way to work on a project anywhere.
ChaseMy bank
Toyota FinancialBecause it isn't paid off yet.
Progressive InsuranceMy car insurance.
Comcast InternetAnother play I pay money to often.
Xfinity MobileCheapest and best phone plan.


ContactContact form that auto forwards content to my gmail.
Linkedin ProfileIf your feeling snoopy.